Eclipse Volleyball Club

Director's Letter:

We are excited to announce tryouts for the 2011 season.

As you know, the sport of volleyball is exploding in America, thanks to the outstanding accomplishments by the US national teams in the Beijing Olympics which resulted in 3 gold and 1 silver metals. Junior club volleyball in the Bay Area is also growing both in popularity as well as performance, evident from the large number of local clubs. Yet despite the competition, Eclipse VBC has emerged as one of the elite junior girls clubs in the Peninsula and South Bay. In addition to consistently winning the Area League regular season as well as regional championships, Eclipse teams have placed high in local non-league hybrid tournaments such as President's Day, Great America, Bayview and Spring Classics.

We believe that the key to our success has largely to do with the strong support and commitment from our parents and players as well as the outstanding coaching staff we are fortunate to have. Together, we have been able to provide a great program that balances competitiveness and time/cost commitment in club volleyball. Eclipse pioneered the concept of a "Hybrid Area League Program”. We provide players the opportunity to experience Power League play in an Area League team. This less stressful and more flexible environment allows us to maximize participation by all team members. Many of our players are multi-sport athletes or are involved in numerous other extracurricular activities such as music, theatre and community volunteering. We pride ourselves on the quality of our coaching and the competitiveness we offer along with this flexibility. Other clubs have mimicked our model, but our balance of practice and competition has maximized player participation and performance.

Eclipse is very grateful for the support we have received, but we are focused on continuous improvement. This season we will explore various ways to provide a better experience to our members. Some examples are:

1. Participating in more power tournaments that will elevate the level of performance of our players.
2. Encouraging competitive players desiring more exposure to try out for higher age levels (such as trying out for 18s instead of 16s).  This will make the season more challenging while minimizing time/cost commitments.
3. Allowing teams to play in higher age groups in non-league or even league competitions for exposure to a higher level of competition.
4. Introducing more fitness conditioning programs to help players become better overall athletes. We are partnering with local professional fitness centers to provide the world class facilities for training.
5. Host special setters clinics during pre-season and early season training.

We are confident that with our players/parents' support, we will achieve new heights while continuing to teach lessons in both volleyball and life. Our program will prepare players for high school varsity programs as well as college programs. Some examples of our past alums currently competing at the collegiate level are Allie Coleman from Palo Alto HS, Jennifer Wang, Tiffany Stone from Gunn HS and Chelsea Ono from Castilleja HS.

We encourage everyone to learn more about our program by coming to our clinics and open gym sessions.  We hope you will choose Eclipse to learn volleyball, have fun, make new friends and participate in another successful season of club volleyball in 2011.

See you all at tryouts!


Recent highlights

Area League - Regionals
  • 16G, Start 19th, finish 13th
  • 16B, Start 1st, finish 2nd. District Champion!
  • 17, Start 9th, finish 3rd.
  • 18, Start 3rd, Regional champion.
  • 13s, Bronze Division Champion!
  • 14G, start 35th, finish 21st seed
  • 14B, Gold Division Regional Champion!







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