Eclipse Volleyball Club

Eclipse 2019-2020 Season Tryout

(updated 10/07/2019)

We are excited to announce tryout times for the best Area League Club program in the South Bay!  Eclipse is a hybrid area program that offers quality coaching to players who want to learn and improve their volleyball skills at an affordable cost and time commitment.  We will continue to offer Hybrid Premier league teams at 16, 17 and 18 and under age groups.

Please forward tryout info to your friends, teammates.

$30 fee covers both Open Gym and Tryout so come to both to meet potential teammates/coaches!

NOTE: If it is the day of tryout and you are late registering, please print/fill out this form and bring to tryout if you are to walk-in

Tryout process

NCVA Tryout Policy

  1. Learn about where Eclipse came from and is going: Director's letter Philosophy  FAQ  History  Photos  News
  2. Decide which team to tryout for by reviewing coaching descriptions and their team asignments (we will confirm practice schedule details by email week before tryout). See competition schedule. In case you want to try for higher age group. If you are not sure, stick to your age group strictly by birthday. Some tips: 7th graders with limited club experience should try for 13s. 9th graders for 15s, etc.
  3. SIGNUP!! You MUST fill out online_registration_form to attend either open gym or tryouts ($30 open gym fee includes tryout's). NOTE: Season details such as practice schedule/location and cost will be shared with only those that have signed up for tryouts online.
  4. Come to open gym. Its purpose is to get coaches and players to meet and learn about each other, fee is included in tryout cost ($30 covers both, voucher will be given to redeem at tryout).
  5. You must contact us in advance if there is conflict with first tryout date.  The makeup session is only for players who are unable to attend any of the previous tryout sessions.  You must notify us in advance, fill out tryout form and still try to come to open gym.
  6. Arrive 20 min. early for registration and parents stay for info meeting first 20min of tryout as well as the end to answer questions about level of commitment.
  7. Offer and Acceptance:

    If player is offered a position after tryout, please follow instructions in handout or email for acceptance.

Age definition:

13 and 15 years olds can play up to 14s and 16s respectively.  Players that wish to play at more competitive levels can be considered to play up even more, such as 16s year olds playing up at 18s.  However, your chances of making the upper age group is less than your original age group. Please consult Eclipse staff in advance and come to both tryout sessions of current and higher age.  USA Volleyball definition

NOTE: please signup registration form once only even if trying out for 2 age groups!

if you are xx on September 1, 2009, you must play in the xx+1 and under age group. Any girl can play “up” an age group, but not “down.”


16s &under          born on or after September 1st, 2003

17s &under          born on or after September 1st, 2002

18s &under          born on or after September 1st, 2001 (or graduating seniors can petition if over age)



Recent highlights

Area League - Regionals
  • 16G, Start 19th, finish 13th
  • 16B, Start 1st, finish 2nd. District Champion!
  • 17, Start 9th, finish 3rd.
  • 18, Start 3rd, Regional champion.
  • 13s, Bronze Division Champion!
  • 14G, start 35th, finish 21st seed
  • 14B, Gold Division Regional Champion!







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