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2010 President’s Day Results

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Hello, Eclipsoids,

We just want to give some updates on recent competition. Congrats on a great President’s Day tournament finish. It is a tournament that Eclipse has always enjoyed playing in and achieved much success in the past. It was a long three days, full of sweat, pain, joy, ups and downs.

We know that for many teams, if a few points went a different way by us or other matches, we could have easily ended up even higher in seeding. But we want to emphasize that the more important point is that each team and player has improved through these challenging competitions. We also value and camaraderie and sportsmanship we built.

2009 President’s Day Tourney Results

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Hello, Eclipsoids,

Hope you’ve all recovered from the long weekend of intense competition. While it is certainly draining at times, it is a great experience for all age groups to test their limits. We have received lots of positive feedbacks from both parents and coaches. Overall, each team overcame adversity ranging from injuries, absence, fatigue and scheduling difficulties. But each team worked hard together through them as a team. It is important and necessary for us to learn and improve through both winning and losing. We are very happy with the overall turnout and look forward to our league opener. Please enjoy the results posted below.