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Newsletter VI: Area League #3 and NonLeague #7

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Hello, Ellipsoids,
Just want to comment on the great run all the teams has made recently. All teams have show steady improvement. We are confident that will continue to grow with the support of all of the parents and leadership of the coaches.
Please also enjoy the period of break from competition in April to and recharge for the end of the season as team gears up to finish atop the region once again. Go Eclipse!

Area League #3 – 3/27/2010 record
Pool Pool 1 Shoreline W 2-0 25-12, 25-17
Pool 2 Burlingame Sports Center Navy W 2-0 25-17, 26-24
Top Bracket Semifinal Palo Alto W 2-1 25-20, 23-25, 15-11
Final SF Tremors Cheetahs W 2-0 25-9, 27-25 1st 30-8

Newsletter V: Spring Classic

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Photo day
Reminder about photo day this week. Please wear your royal jerseys and bring your stylists. Please arrive on time and be prepare to start individual photos before entire team arrives for team photo. Remember to bring your order form with payment.

Wed. 3/17th 6:20 pm 14s Black keys school
Wed. 3/17th 6:40 pm 18s Black keys school
Thur. 3/18th 6:50 pm 12s Black keys school
Sun. 3/21st, 09:50AM 14 Gold, Sunnyvale Comm. Center
Sun. 3/21st, 10:10AM 18 Gold, Sunnyvale Comm. Center

2010 President’s Day Results

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Hello, Eclipsoids,

We just want to give some updates on recent competition. Congrats on a great President’s Day tournament finish. It is a tournament that Eclipse has always enjoyed playing in and achieved much success in the past. It was a long three days, full of sweat, pain, joy, ups and downs.

We know that for many teams, if a few points went a different way by us or other matches, we could have easily ended up even higher in seeding. But we want to emphasize that the more important point is that each team and player has improved through these challenging competitions. We also value and camaraderie and sportsmanship we built.

2010 Area League Qualifier Results

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Area League Qualifier

16s black finished 1st place, congrats!

16s gold finished 1st place, congrats!

14s black finished 1st place, congrats!

14s gold finished 2nd place (runners up to 14black), congrats!

12s finished 3rd place, congrats!

18 Gold finished 3rd place, congrats!

18 Black finished 1st place, congrats!

2010 NonLeague#4 results

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Hello, all Eclipsoids,
Now that we have settled into a groove early in the season, we wanted to give an update on recent success our teams have achieved in NonLeague #4. Overall, it was a great experience for all 7 teams. Competition level varied in tournaments, but all teams got a chance to learn about playing with teammates and working through ups and downs as a team. The tournament prepared us well to enter into league play. Our multi-day tournaments during the season will also give us new challenges to elevate our performance to the next level.
Overall, we are very happy with the progress with all of the teams placing in top 4 and 3 teams winning their brackets. We look forward to another exciting season to add to the great tradition at Eclipse. We also want to thank all the coaches for their efforts and parents for their support, especially the ones organizing car-pools and foods for all the teams.
Go Eclipse!
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We have also uploaded photos for some teams into club gallery at

2009 Season photos

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

here’s some photos taken from earlier in the season for each team to add on to you large collections. Some photo quality maybe suspect due to camera phones. For what it is worth, please enjoy!


16 black


16 gold

14 black

14 G

Spring Classic 16s

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Spring Classic part II
start 36/80
finish 12/80

Pool1 Watsonville Starling 16-1 W2:0 Won: 25-8; 25-6
Pool1 Club Solano Fierce 16-3 W2:0 Won: 25-9; 25-10
Pool1 Empire Gold 16-3 W2:0 Won: 25-21; 30-28
pool2 River Cities 16-2 W2:1 Won: 25-14; 23-25; 15-12
pool2 Valli Girls Black 16-1 W2:0 Won: 25-22; 25-14
Playoff2 YTown L1:2 Lost: 25-10; 25-13

Coach Ululani:

AL2 Part III

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

AL2 Part II
14 gold
Pool1 City Beach 14-4 L 1:2 25:27, 25:20, 12:15
Pool2 Palo Alto 13-1 W 2:0 25:22, 25:17
Playoff1 Palo Alto Elite 14-1 L 0:2 16:25, 9:25
Playoff2 Stingray 14-2 W 2:0 25:14, 25:17

Coach Will:
“The girls started off slow, putting themselves behind by losing the first set. Although they fought hard to win the second, they couldn’t keep it going and lost the third set. We hope to see this team again as we are certain we could beat them.

AL2 Summary Part II

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Pool 1 Palo Alto Elite 12-1 W 3-0 25-5, 25-8, 25-20
Pool 2 City Beach Area 12-3 W 3-0 25-11, 25-15, 25-11
Top Bracket Semi Palo Alto 12-1 W 1-0 25-15
Top Bracket Final Stingray Blue 12-2 W 2-0 25-15, 25-18 Won tournament

AL1 Summary Part II

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

AL1 3/7/09

12s N. Salinas HS
Pool 1 City Beach Area 12-3 W 2-0 25-18, 25-18
Pool 2 Santa Cruz Bay Club Spikers – 12-2 W 2-0 25-6, 25-7

Top Bracket Semi Monsoon Kara 12-1 W 2-0 25-15, 25-12
Top Bracket Final Stingray Blue 12-2 W 2-1 25-?, ?-25, 15-11