Coaching Corner: How to be a great setter.

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Happy Holidays!

We hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing break but also staying active and in-shape to prepare for season start :) . Head coaches Tian and Peilan hope all the setters could get some touches everyday during the break. They recommend you simply set a ball to the wall and straight up to yourself at least 100 times a day. If you have access to a setters (training) ball, that will be even better.

Additionally, here’s some tips on keys to becoming a great setter. This is the first of a series quick training instructions on all aspects of the game. They will be posted on our club blog at .

As you have heard, a setter is one of the most important piece of a great volleyball team, the heart and soul of the team. A good setter needs to have a set of qualities technical and mental. She should be a natural leader as hitters will feed off her attitude and confidence.

Having a great touch, soft and accurate hands is important quality of a good setter. But arguably more important is having great footwork. Watch ex-starting setter to the Olympic gold metal winning Brazilian national team, Helia, (nicknamed “Fof√£o”) in this highlight clip ( Couple points to notices:
She always gets to her position quickly when she releases from her defensive position during transition. You should not hesitate or hang around in between.
She is always shuffling her feet to adjust herself to the best position depending on the pass. She takes many baby steps before contacting the ball.
A great setter has great vision and sense of the court as well her hitters and blockers. You can tell that she always peeks at the hitters and blockers before she actually sets. You could time your quick hitters much better this way. A more experienced setter would benefit to go against the flow and blockers tendencies when competing at an advanced level.

Similarly in this clip (, watch for the silver metalist USA national team setters.
They never stop moving until just before they contact the ball. They don’t actually bring up their hands to set until they are ready. In other words they don’t run with their hands up as it will slow them down.
They utilize jump setting to speedup the game and gain momentum and strength. They set at the peak of their jump.
Notice the location of the sets: quick setting adjusted to the hitters; backrow sets being at the 8 foot line leading the hitters, etc.
Remember these points and apply them in your training and game-like situations to improve and reach the level of competitiveness.

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