Coaching Corner: Middle Blocker quick attack

Coaching Corner is meant to give some quick tips or reference to specific fundamental skills for all positions.

First episode talks about how to hit a “quick” or 1 ball. It is not limited to MBs and contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be tall to do it, although it certainly helps. There’s 3 keys to doing it well, timing, timing and timing! In order to be on time, footwork is huge as are for all things in volleyball. Here’s some tips:

1. simple 3 step approach is recommended although more can be used for more momentum, especially coming from further away such as the #4 or #2 areas of the court. Take off 1 arm length away from the net to give space for a full swing and prevent setters from giving you a trap set.

2. Hitters must watch the pass as she is approaching. This allows you to time yourself and adjust your footwork and positioning to the pass. Open up shoulder more for off net passes and wait longer.

3. Learn to work with various sets. Quick/slow, tight/off, drifting or straight-up sets. Use a drifting set to your advantage by perfecting a cut-back shot. Don’t ever give up on a set, hold your breath and stay in the air. Wipe it or dink it. You could even hit it over after you land.

“set me!”

Here’s a good visual guidance by kudda Video Library

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