Newsletter VI: Area League #3 and NonLeague #7

Hello, Ellipsoids,
Just want to comment on the great run all the teams has made recently. All teams have show steady improvement. We are confident that will continue to grow with the support of all of the parents and leadership of the coaches.
Please also enjoy the period of break from competition in April to and recharge for the end of the season as team gears up to finish atop the region once again. Go Eclipse!

Area League #3 – 3/27/2010 record
Pool Pool 1 Shoreline W 2-0 25-12, 25-17
Pool 2 Burlingame Sports Center Navy W 2-0 25-17, 26-24
Top Bracket Semifinal Palo Alto W 2-1 25-20, 23-25, 15-11
Final SF Tremors Cheetahs W 2-0 25-9, 27-25 1st 30-8

Non-League #7 – 4/3/10
Pool Pool 1 Twisters W 2-0 25-15, 25-4
Pool 2 Peninsula Juniors Gold W 2-0 25-20, 25-12
Bracket Quarterfinal SF Juniors W 2-0 25-17, 25-13
Semifinal City Beach Black W 2-0 25-6, 25-14
Final SF Tremors Cheetahs W 2-0 25-22, 25-11 1st 35-8

Despite the growing number and level of competition this season, 12s team continue to thrive in the area league maintaining their 1st place. Bouncing back from the few rare losses at Spring Classic, the team was able to regroup from the injuries they’ve suffered. The win did not come easy even in pool play as they defeated a competitive Burlingame SC to take the top seed. They defeated a cross town rival Palo Alto in another close 3 game match to reach the final, where they finished strongly over SF Tremors by 27:25 in game 2.
In NonLeague #7, they kept adding to their successful record to 35-8 going undefeated. They defeated numerous power teams with relative ease.

Area League #3 –
san jose st. Pool 1 SF Jrs 14-3 W 2-0 25-16, 26-16
Pool 2 Jumpstart 14-1 W 2-0 25-18, 25-16
Top Bracket Semifinal Synergy 14-1 L1:2 23-25, 25-15, 12-15
Final Elite 14-2 W 2-0 25-19, 25-21 Third Place

Pool Pool 1 Diablo 14-4 W 2-0 25-6, 25-9
Pool 2 Vortex 14-1 W 2-0 25-16, 25-9
Top Bracket Semifinal Newark Nets 14-1 W 2-0 25-23, 27-25
Final Vibe 14-3 W 2-0 25-18, 25-9 First Place

14 Gold re-enters area league competition after winning AL1 and placing 3rd in AL2. The team again won their pool easily. In the semifinal, they played a closely contest match but lost to Synergy with total of 5 points in 3 games. The team bounced back to take 3rd place beating Elite 14-2. We are confident that when the team could avoid some untimely errors, they would be dominate in area league play.
NL7 gave the team some new look at out of area teams. The team cruised thru pool until they ran into Newark Nets in the semi. They managed to pull through the close games to reach the final where they defeated Vibe to take the title.
Nice work, ladies!

Area League #3 –
Hayward Pool 1 Palo Alto 13-1 W2:0 25;19,27;25 192 pts in league
Pool 2 650 Xtreme Navy 14-2 W2:0 25;22,25;13 192 pts in league
Top Bracket Semifinal Palo Alto 14-1 W2;1 21;25,25;22,15;9 200 pts
Final Surf City 14-1 W2:0 25;22,25;22 200 pts

Los Medanos College Pool 1 Sierra Sky 16-1 Power W2:1 23;25, 25;13,15;11
Pool 2 Twister 15-1 power L0:2 17;25, 26;28
Top Bracket Semifinal Club Kalani 16-1 Power W2:1 17;25,25;22,15;11
Final Sierra Sky 16-2 W2:0 25;16,25;17 Won 16s

14B had seen limited challenges this season except in President’s Day and Spring Classic. However, that all changed in AL3 as they saw couple new tough teams all with perfect or near perfect records from AL. Each game was closely contested and won by < 5 points starting from 1st match against a tall Palo Alto 13-1 team. 14-B pulled through to reach semifinal. Again a tall and strong Palo Alto 14-1 team jumped out and took 1st game by surprise. They team rose to new levels in face of the new challenge and made the climb back with their defense. They took game 2 25;22 and won game 3, 15;9 to reach the final. They had no time to rest as they played another 200 points team SurfCity 14-1. Both games went down to the wire. In game 2, team came back from down 5 points late to take the game, match and championship.
In NL7, team challenged themselves again by entering into the 16s level. They continue to play like a mature group to pull through all the close matches. They won both 3 game matches to reach the final and defeated Sierra Sky 16-2 to take the title.
Coaches Tian and Peilan were very emotional with pride and joy after AL3. They expressed that “this is one the most exciting and memorable tournament we have coached since coming to the US”. The season has been a great joy to all the parents and the coaches. We hope that trend can continue rest of the season.
Keep it up, girls!

Area League #2 –
Hayward Pool 1 Fremont Pride W 2-0
Pool 2 Endline White L 1-2 L 1-2
Semifinal Synergy Teal W 2-0
Final Cyclone Purple W 2-0 5th place

16 Gold continue to being working hard on fundamentals and team defense in practice under coach Michael’s leadership. They are starting to show through the stats in competition. Being short handed in AL2, the team were unfortunate to drop a 3 game match in pool play which kept them from the top bracket. However, team played together to go undefeated in consolation bracket to take 5th place.
They look forward to gather their full team after spring break to take the court in AL3. We will be eager to learn their positive results.
Good luck, ladies!
Area League #2 –
Pool Pool 1 Monterey Bay Green 16-1 W2:0 25-13, 25-16
Pool 2 WCrush Orange 16-1 W2:1 20-25, 25-16, 15-9
Semifinal Crush SC Black 16-1 W2:0 25-23, 25-12
Final Shoreline 16-1 W2:0 25-19, 26-24

Deer Valley High School Pool 1

18s Pool 2
4/3/2010 Semifinal
Final Grace Valley 18-1 L0:2 32;34, ?;25 2nd place in 18s group B

Under leadership of 1st year Eclipse coach Jason, 16Black have excelled to top of area league with a perfect record. They were challenged in AL2 by a Crush team in pool play. After surviving a 3 game match, they were able to regroup to defeat Shoreline in the final by a 25;19, 26;24 score to maintain their area league reign.
NL7 gave the team a new look playing mixed 16s and 18s team. They managed well to reach the final. However, team ran out of gas missing a few key players due to school or spring break. They did not go down without a fight as they lost to Grace Valley 18s 32;34 in game 1. It was a great experience for the young team. We are confident that the best is still to come for them.
Keep it up, girls!

Area League #2 –
Pool Pool 1 Motion 18-1; W2:0 (25-6) (w), (25-13?)(w)
Pool 2 Point Break; W2:0 (26-24)(W), (25-22)(w)
Semifinal Shoreline 18-1; L0:2 (25-14)(L), (25-16)(L)
Final Eclipse Gold; W2;1 (25-23)(L), (25-20)(W), (17-15)(W)

NonLeague#7 Empire; W2:0 (25-10)(W), (25-10)(W)
Pool Pool 1 Velocity W2:0 (25-17)(W), (25-21)(W)
Pool 2 City Beach W2:0 (25-21)(W), (25-18)(W)
Top Bracket Semifinal Starlings 18-1; W2:0 (25-22)(W), (25-21)(W)
Final Diablo Valley; L0:2 (25-23)(L), (25-17?)

18black continue to play with high spirit under coach Dave’s motivation. In AL2, the team ran into a red hot Shoreline team that served tough and hit smart. The team hung with them early in both games but fell short in the end. In consolation final, they had a tremendous challenge from our own 18Gold. Both teams played with great heart as the games went back and forth. In the end, 18B took 3rd place by 2 points in the deciding 3rd game.
Coach Dave was satisfied with their performance: “You ladies did a great job playing tough during an unfavorable schedule. You did so without complaining which shows great maturity on your behalf. Jenny, you were a monster in the match against Eclipse Gold! Way to play. You and Sofi seemed to be on the same page and the stats really showed. Great job.”
Team built on their momentum in NL7 to go undefeated until the final. Even though they fell short to Diablo Valley 18-1, coach Dave encouraged the team to “be proud of our second place finish!” He noted several great individual performance such as Meghan C. and Cynthia L. He also pointed out several areas to improve on such as serving ace to error ratios.
We look forward to seeing them back in action in AL3.

Area League #2 –
Pool 1 Watsonville Starlings 18-1 W 2:1 22-25; 27-25; 15-5
Bracket Pool 2 Endline Gold 18-2 W 2:1 25-16; 17-25; 15-6
Semifinal ALCiS 18-1 L 0:2 25-27; 10-25
conso final Eclipse Black 18-1 L 1:2 25-23; 20-25; 15-17 4th place

Pool Pool 1 Watsonville Starlings 18-1 L 1:2 25-27; 25-19; 8-15
Pool 2 City Beach 18-1 W 2:0 25-19; 25-22
Top Bracket Quarterfinal Velocity 18-1 L 0:2 23-25; 30-32
Semifinal Lodi Heat W 1:0 25-17
Final Empire W 1:0 25-5 23-15 record

Coach Ululani continues to push the team with her focus and energy, something that was taken away from her by a severe infection in Spring Classics. The team bounced back from a low to take the court strongly in AL2. They defeated 2 tough teams in one of the hardest pool in area league this season to take 1st seed. They won both matches in 3 games. In the semi, they ran into a tall and strong ALCIS 18-1. However the team did not back down and played with great spirit. Kayla B.’s serving kept the team on top all the way until 23;23. ALCIS’ hitters responded late in the game. A few untimely errors took away what looked like a sure win for 18 gold. Their valliant effort fell short as they lost game 2. However, team bounced back again as they always do to face 18black in 3rd place match. As we have described before from the other perspective, the nail-biter went to 18black in the end. There was no losers that day, both teams deserved the win and Eclipse came out on top!
We can’t wait to see the team take the court again in AL3.

Go Eclipse!

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