Newsletter V: Spring Classic

Photo day
Reminder about photo day this week. Please wear your royal jerseys and bring your stylists. Please arrive on time and be prepare to start individual photos before entire team arrives for team photo. Remember to bring your order form with payment.

Wed. 3/17th 6:20 pm 14s Black keys school
Wed. 3/17th 6:40 pm 18s Black keys school
Thur. 3/18th 6:50 pm 12s Black keys school
Sun. 3/21st, 09:50AM 14 Gold, Sunnyvale Comm. Center
Sun. 3/21st, 10:10AM 18 Gold, Sunnyvale Comm. Center

New website
We are excited to announce updates on our website
• New look! We updated templates to give you a fresh look.
• Photos: New photos are uploaded, assessable from each team pages.
• Results: We will continue to post team results onto team pages and club blog.
• Green tips: we have posted daily green tips to help families save cost and the planet at same time.
Fitness Training
Since we received good feedback from families about our pre-season fitness programs, we would like to encourage all to join the spring training session at Paye’s Fitness (formerly Velocity). You could use it to stay in shape after winter sports or to increase your physical condition as we push into 2nd half of the season. We have finalized several options for you, which you could select and contact the training facility directly to setup:
1. buddy system: go with another teammate, each receive 10% off private training cost
2. individual private session, $70-$100/ hour
3. class option: you could simply look at schedule on their website and choose to join class. There is currently a promotion at 50%, or $300, unlimited usage for 1 month.
Hope you could take advantage and enjoy it.
“Paye’s Sports Performance in San Carlos is now taking registration for our Spring Athletic Training sessions. Spring training is available for all sports and fitness levels, from beginners to elite. Become a better athlete, get in shape and stay fit with speed, strength and agility athletic training for youth and adults.

Improve your athletic performance in any sport with our Paye’s Sports Performance speed, strength and agility training. Our professional coaches will work with you to increase your speed, power, agility, balance, core stability, confidence and injury prevention for all sports.

Session focus will be on running mechanics, including explosive speed development, acceleration, maximum speed running techniques, and multidirectional movement skills. Our program is designed to condition the athlete and help prevent injuries. Achieve your best athletic ability with Paye’s Sport’s Performance training.

Call today to schedule your free trial. Call Jodi at 650-654-4444 to schedule a personal tour and free trial. Or email”

Spring Classic
We have posted results from recent Spring Classics to share with everyone. We enjoyed this mid-season mult-day tournament with a great location. It also gave us more exposure to out of area teams and a lot of matches to distribute playing time. We saw a lot of improvements by many players and also exposure to a lot of areas for improvement. It was a good learning experience overall.
We want to thank all the parents for organizing car-pool and dealing with school activities and daylight saving time changes but still getting their kids to competitions timely. We also understand and appreciate the effort it takes to prepare healthy and plentiful food for the team at all the tournaments. Thank you for your support.
Pool 1 SF Juniors White (11) ‘12-3 W 2-0 25-10, 25-19
Pool 2 SF Tremors Cheetahs (2) ‘12-3 W 2-0 25-11, 25-16
Pool 3 Rage Red power (8) ‘12-1 W 2-0 25-7, 25-11
Semifinal SF Juniors RoShamBo power (3) ‘12-1 L 0-2 17-25, 17-25
Conso. Semi. SF Tremors Cheetahs (5) ‘12-3 L 0-2 23-25, 14-25

Area League #2
Pool 1 650 Xtreme Navy ‘12-2 W 2-0 25-10, 25-11
Pool 2 Sun Sports Thunder ‘12-1 L 1-2 14-25, 25-22, 6-15
Quarterfinal Shoreline ‘12-1 W 2-1 25-11, 24-26, 15-9
Semifinal Palo Alto ‘12-1 W 2-1 21-25, 25-15, 16-14
Final Sun Sports Thunder ‘12-1 W 2-0 25-22, 25-22

12s Team
12s team suffered from a couple injuries to key members on the team during Spring Classic. The team held together and defeat several power teams such as SF tremors, Rage and SF juniors.
It is quite evident that 12s area league has a lot more teams and tougher competition this year. In Area League 2, they ran into roadblocks right away dropping 3rd game to Sun Sports Thunder. But the team bounced right back under coaches Austin and Brian’s leadership. They went on to win 2 very difficult matches against rivals Shoreline and Palo Alto (16:14 game 3) to reach the final. They then revenged their pool loss to take their 2nd league tourney defeating Sun Sports. Quite impressive!

14 Gold
Date Pool Home
3/13/2010 Pool 5 Point Break Lindsey 14-2 W2:0
3/13/2010 Pool 5 Madera Black Malady 14-2 W2:0
3/13/2010 Pool 5 Elite 14-1 L0:2 25;22, 25;22
3/14/2010 Pool 4 Palo Alto Elite 14-1 L1:2 15;25,25;23, 8;15
3/14/2010 Pool 4 mPower 13-1 L0:2 21;25,21;25

Pool PA Elite 14-2 W 2:0 25-10, 25-12
Pool Crush 14-1 W 2:1 25-14, 26-28, 15-12
Semi-Final Shoreline 14-1 L 0:2 18-25, 19-25
Consol Final Pt Break 14-3 W 2:0 25-13, 25-11 Third Place

14 Gold started out strong in Spring Classic, winning their first 2 matches. They had a closely contested match with Elite 14-1 and lost by total of 6 points. In day 2, they were victims of a tough schedule, playing at 8:30 AM with Daylight savings after a late finish on Sat. They lost another close 3 game match to PA Elite 14-1 power. They still moved up from their original seeding and gained valuable experience.
In AL2, 14G was pooled with 14-black and several other league power houses. They gave Shoreline 14-1 a challenge in the semifinal but fell short. Coach Will and Shawna rallied the team to bounce back and take 3rd place defeating Point Break. Way to go, ladies!
Date Pool Home
3/13/2010 Pool 9 Gold Cal Jrs Black 14-1 W2:0
3/13/2010 Pool 9 Endline White 16-3 W2:0
3/13/2010 Round B Eclipse Gold 16-2 W2:0 15;25, 25;20, 15;13
3/14/2010 Pool 9 Palo Alto 16-3 W2:0
3/14/2010 Pool 9 Starlings 16-1 L0:2 20;25,22;25
3/7/2010 Pool Monsoon 14-3 W2:0 25;8, 25;3
Pool Endline 14-1 W2;0 25;8,25;4
Semi Pointbreak 14-1 W2:0 25;8, 25;6
Final shoreline14-1 W2;0 25;12, 25;16

14 black moved up to 16s division in Spring Classic to challenge themselves. They did not seem out of place as they won all of their matches on day 1 to move up to 9th seed. The momentum continued in day 2 as they defeated Palo Alto Elite Hybrid in 2 games as well. Finally their run ended against a tall, scrappy Starlings 16-1. But they could definitely hold their heads up high.
Area League 2 assembled tougher teams, but they still did not present problems for 14-black. The team went undefeated to win their 2nd league tourney. Tian and Peilan are more happy about the fact the players are improving and enjoying playing together as a team. We look forward to seeing the team coming success rest of the season.
16 black:
Date Pool Home
3/13/2010 Pool 1 Monsoon Kyle 16-3 W2:0
3/13/2010 Pool 1 Roseville 15-1 W2:0
3/13/2010 Pool 1 Lady Sharx Area 16-2 W2:0
3/14/2010 Pool 1 Valley of the Moon 15-1 W2:0
3/14/2010 Pool 1 Club Exeter 16-1 W2:0
3/14/2010 Round 2 TNT JR 16-2 W2:1
3/14/2010 Semi Final NJVC Blue 16-1 L0:2 22;25, 18;25
2/6/2010 Pool Crush 15-1 W2:0 25-6, 25-11
2/6/2010 Pool City Beach 15-1 W2:0 25-13, 25-8
2/6/2010 Semi Monterey Bay Green 16-1 W2:1 21-25, 25-14, 15-10
2/6/2010 Final Club Shoreline 16-1 W2:1 26-24, 23-25, 15-11

16-black received an impressive top seed of first place in Spring Classic. This was actually first time ever any Eclipse has had such honor. With it also came the pressure of meeting that expectation. Coach Jason pushed the team to an undefeated record to hold their seed in day 1. Day 2 was a marathon for 16-black as they played 4 matches. They defeated TNT in 3 games before running into a tough NJVC 16-1 in semifinal. There was consolidation match so team finished tied for 3rd. Well done ladies.
It is also notable that Sarah Wobber attended all the matches and cheered the team on even though suffering from injury due to track & field. Her support is appreciated by the team and club staff.
16 black defended its league winning streak in AL1 by defeating club shoreline
Date Pool Home
3/13/2010 Pool 10 Carmel Beach 15-2 W2:0
3/13/2010 Pool 10 Club Exeter 16-1 W2:0
3/13/2010 Round B Eclipse Black 14-1 L1:2
3/14/2010 Pool 10 SF Juniors White 16-3 L1:2 22;25,25;14;11;15
3/14/2010 Pool 10 Roseville 15-1 L1:2 25;23, 24;26, 11;15
2/27/2010 Pool1 City Beach 15-1 W2:0
2/27/2010 Pool2 Precision Sports W2:0
2/27/2010 semi point break L1:2 Had match point
2/27/2010 conso. cyclone L1:2 Had match point

16 Gold and coach Michael have been working hard in practice to improve their consistency in passing and serving. Both areas have improved evident from Spring Classic. The team is also playing pretty well together. They went 2 and 1 on day 1 suffering close 3 game loss to our own heavy weight 14 black. In Day 2, they play really well with some high energy and intensity at times. But their down stretches came at inopportune times as they lost two 3 game matches. They were down 1-8 in game 1 and came back to win it with their strong blocking and defense. They continued that momentum and had match point against Roseville in game 2, which would have put them in 1st place of the pool as 10th seed. But couple points did not go their way. Many coaches and parents and I were present to cheer on the team. We saw a more focused and driven team that gave up glimpses of the team’s full potential. We are confident that they will continue to get better at closing out matches and playing at the best throughout the entire match. Keep it up, ladies!

Date Pool Home
3/13/2010 Pool 4 Point Break Matt 18-3 W2:0
3/13/2010 Pool 4 Vortex Blue 17-1 W2:0
3/13/2010 Pool 4 Velocity Green 18-2 W2:0
3/14/2010 Pool 4 Diamonds 18-1 W2:0
3/14/2010 Pool 4 Club Hoorah 18-1 W2:0
3/14/2010 Round 1 TNT Dave 17-1 L0:2 24;26, 19;25
3/6/2010 pool Starlings 17-1 W2:0 (25-13) (W) (25-16)(w)
3/6/2010 pool Seaside W2:0 (25-23)(w), (25-16)(w)
3/6/2010 semi Eclipse 18gold W2:0
3/6/2010 Final Starlings 18-1 L0:2 (25-18)(L), (25-23)(L

18 black also received a high seed at #4 in Spring Classic. They held in day one going undefeated. They had to get up early with the time change after a late Day 1 finish to battle through another round of pool play before reaching playoffs. Being shorted handed at only 8 players, they did not let fatigue bother them and battled hard against a tough TNT team. They fell short in the end and finished 5th for the tournament. Coach Dave had some nice things to say about several players.
From coach Dave:
“o Megan W. played really smart all weekend with swinging away and also working on cut shots
o Meghan C. had the game of her season (So far) vs. Club Hoorah. Great job swinging! Great job filling in at middle this weekend.
o Cynthia’s serve proved to deadly and giving teams headaches! They were scared when she ran several aces on them at a time.
o C.C. had great serves and amazing defense when playing back row.
o Sofi ran a balanced offense giving our hitters one-on-one’s as much as possible.3”

18 Gold
Date Pool Home
3/13/2010 Pool 1 Eclipse Gold 18-2 W2:0
3/13/2010 Pool 1 High Impact 18-1 L0:2
3/13/2010 Pool 1 Burlingame Sports Center Chris 16-2 L0:2
3/13/2010 Pool 1 FVC 18 W2:0
3/14/2010 Round 1 Mpower David 18-1 L0:2
3/14/2010 Consolation Semi-Final Odyssey Area Blue 17-1 W2:0
3/14/2010 Consolation Final Starlings 18-1 W2:0

3/6/2010 Pool Diamonds 17-1 Won 25-16;25-5
3/6/2010 Wcrush 18-1 Won 25-19;25-22
3/6/2010 semi Eclipse 18black L0:2 17-25;14-25
3/6/2010 final Club Shoreline 18-1 Lost 25-15;16-25;9-15

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