2010 President’s Day Results

Hello, Eclipsoids,

We just want to give some updates on recent competition. Congrats on a great President’s Day tournament finish. It is a tournament that Eclipse has always enjoyed playing in and achieved much success in the past. It was a long three days, full of sweat, pain, joy, ups and downs.

We know that for many teams, if a few points went a different way by us or other matches, we could have easily ended up even higher in seeding. But we want to emphasize that the more important point is that each team and player has improved through these challenging competitions. We also value and camaraderie and sportsmanship we built.

On behalf of all the coaches, we’d like to thank everyone on the wonderful tournament. Several teams suffered a lot of injuries. However, the players fought hard for the team despite the pain they endured themselves.

We would also like to thank all of the parents for cheering for the team through the long matches and days, for organizing food snacks for the team, for supporting coaches through ups and downs. We know that we couldn’t achieve such results without your help.

Last but not the least, our coaches acted as the best mentors and cheerleaders throughout the long tournament. We are proud of all of their achievements.

As we look forward to begin our league play, let us build on our recent success and work even harder to improve on our short-comings.

Please enjoy the results. Go Eclipse!

12s President’s Day #10/23 seed (from #14 start)
Date Pool Opponent seed
2/13/2010 Pool Pool 1 Golden Bear Blue power (2) L 1-2 25-12, 26-28, 13-15
Pool 2 Peninsula Juniors Gold power (11) W 2-0 25-6, 25-14
Pool 3 1st String (22) W 2-0 25-6, 25-8
2/14/2010 Pool Pool 1 Payes Black power (3) W 2-1 25-20, 7-25, 25-21
Pool 2 SF Tremors Cougars power (6) L 1-2 20-25, 25-17, 14-25
2/15/2010 Middle Bracket Quarterfinal ELITE (14) W 2-0 25-11, 25-16
Semifinal Burlingame Sports Center Navy (10) W 2-1 25-14, 23-25, 15-4

Final Central Cal Gold (9) L 1-2 19-25, 28-26, 13-15

12s team wasted no time to impress the field with their performance. Losing to 2nd seeded Golden Bear by total of 4 points in their first match out. That trend continued the 2nd day. In an odd 3 team format, they beat 3rd seeded Payes in 3 games and came close again to a tough SF Tremors. The round robin outcome didn’t favor 12s as they placed 2nd in pool. They finished strong on day 3 to move up to 10th place from a 14th start. They earned much praise from their opponents.
They also recently place 3rd place losing only to eventual tourney winner Burlingame Sports Center in Area Qualifer. Notably, they beat the same team on President’ Day. We are really happy to see the progress of the young team.

“Austin and I were very proud of how the girls performed at the President’s day tournament this weekend. The 12s have established themselves as serious competitors and contenders in the region and gained the respect of many clubs. Our relatively low seeding gave us a difficult set of teams to compete with during the tournament. The girls opened up the tournament with a strong performance against the Golden Bear team, ultimately coming up 4 points short, but Austin and I couldn’t have been prouder! Day 2 opened with another blistering match against Payes, the girls played some great volleyball and came out on top. Unfortunately, the relentless back-to-back 3-games-to-25 matches proved too much, and we fell to the Tremors resulting in a 3 way tie in the pool, sending us to the middle bracket on Monday. The ladies played well on the last day of the tournament, losing in another nail biter to Central Cal, a very strong area team, to take 10th/23.

The girls are continuing to improve and played their best volleyball yet over the weekend. We are looking forward to a successful area league season. Congrats ladies!”

~ coaches Austin + Brian

14gold # 39/121 seed (from #90 start)
Date Pool Opponent seed
2/13/2010 Pool 650 Xtreme Red 14-1 46 L 0:2 18-25, 12-25
Pool Point Break Aloha 14-1 64 W2:1 24-26, 25-9, 15-9
Pool Elite 14-2 108 W 2:0 25-17, 25-18
2/14/2010 Pool 403 Selects 14-1 32 W 3:0 25-19, 25-18, 25-17
Pool Bronco Elite VBC Power 13-1 34 L 1:2 25-21, 25-10, 25-18
2/15/2010 Round 1 City Beach Green 14-2 39 L 0:2 11-25, 14-25
Semi-Final Gold Cal Jrs Black 14-1 38 L 0:2 15-25, 21-25

Under coach Will’s leadership, the team definitely rose to the occasion. After a slow start, the team gathered and re-grouped with the help of parents’ rallying. They beat a higher seeded PointBreak in 3 games to move up to 2nd in pool. On 2nd day, they beat soundly top seeded 403 team all the way from Calgary, Canada. This catapulted the team to 34th seed. They ran into some tough power teams on Day 3 and finished 38th out of 121 teams. All in all, they moved up 51 seeds! At one point, they ranked higher than 14-black. The team demonstrated that they clearly plays at another level when their confidence and spirits are high.
14Gold also finished runners-up only 2nd to 14-black in recent Area Qualifier. We can’t wait to see their next time out in Area League #1. Way to go ladies!

Eclipse Black 14-1 – Schedule # 33/121 seed (from #80 start)
Date Pool Opponent seed
2/13/2010 Pool 3 City Beach Black 13-1 36 W2:1
2/13/2010 Pool 3 Rage Red 13-1 74 W2:0
2/13/2010 Pool 3 Peninsula Juniors Blue 13-1 118 W2:0
2/14/2010 Pool 7 City Beach White 14-3 62 W2:0
2/14/2010 Pool 7 ALCiS 14-1 30 L0:2
2/15/2010 Round 1 Golden Bear Blue 13-1 37 W2:0
2/15/2010 Semi-Final Mid Valley Gold 14-2 34 W2:0
2/15/2010 Final City Beach Green 14-2 33 W2:0

14 black won the secondary bracket last year so needless to say, coach Tian and Peilan had high expectations in the team going in. They opened with a great 3 game win over top seeded CityBeach 13-1 power team. They went undefeated in pool play. That trend continued in power pool until they ran into 30th seeded ALCis 14-1. In a back and forth match, they lost in 2 games by total of 5 points, which kept them out of the top bracket. At this point, the team is missing 2 players due to school field trip, and several players due to injuries and illness. Namely Lucy reinjuried her knee; Erica Johnston played thru a sore wrist, Beverely Yu sprained her ankle but taped up and played through all of 3rd day. They worked hard as a team to win the McKinley/Hobart Bracket and placed 33rd out of 121 teams. The parents and coaches jumped up in joy as the last ball was put down. Btw, their winning Tshirts will be in the mail :D .
They won area league qualifier and will look to continue their win streak in AL1.
Eclipse Gold 16-2 – Schedule #124/171 seed (from #119 start)
Date Pool Opponent
2/13/2010 Pool 8 SF Juniors RoShamBo 15-1 47 L0:2
2/13/2010 Pool 8 Golden Bear Blue 15-2 89 L0:2
2/13/2010 Pool 8 Burlingame Sports Center Chris 16-2 157 W2:0
2/14/2010 Pool 1 Crush VC Black 15-1 155 W2:1
2/14/2010 Pool 1 Peninsula Juniors White 16-3 123 L1:2
2/15/2010 Round 1 Central Cal Bri 16-3 122 L0:2
2/15/2010 Consolation Semi-Final Peninsula Juniors White 16-3 126 W2:1
2/15/2010 Consolation Final Cyclone Black 16-2 124 L0:2

16Gold were victims were poor and inaccurate seeding as they started at 119. In fact the last seeded team at 157 won their pool, whom they had beaten in pool play. They remained 3rd seed at end of the day. In Day 2, they split 2 closely contested matches with a win to Crash VC and a loss to Peninsula Jrs 16-1 Area. During playoffs, the team was down of only 8 players. Despite the fatique, team revenged their loss from day 2 and defeated PJV 15-13 in game 3 of consolation bracket semi-final. Again the team showed high potential at times and will continue to improve. Coach Michael has observed areas that team needs to work on and will be focusing on them in the weeks to come.
The team won their bracket of Area Qualifer with a impressive semifinal win. They came back from down 10-14 to win 16-14 in game 3. Performances like that show great promise of the young team in the young season.
Eclipse Black 16-1 – Schedule #73/171 seed (from #117 start)
Date Pool Opponent
2/13/2010 Pool 7 Slainte Black 16-1 45 L0:2
2/13/2010 Pool 7 OVC 15-2 91 W2:1
2/13/2010 Pool 7 Fresno Red 15-1 159 W2:0
2/14/2010 Pool 7 Burlingame Sports Center Chris 16-2 47 L1:2
2/14/2010 Pool 7 403 Selects 16-1 29 L0:2
2/14/2010 Pool 7 Gold Cal Jrs Black 15-1 73 W2:0
2/15/2010 Round 1 Club Hoover 16 76 W2:0
2/15/2010 Semi-Final NC Select Red 16-2 72 L1:2

Missing one of their key hitters, coach Jason managed the line ups well to balance the performance. Coach Jason also managed to miss the competitions minimally despite a busy weekend at work. The team rallied behind him and place 2nd in pool by defeated 2nd seeded OCV in 3 games. In day 2, they came out firing with some impressive aces and attacks to take game 1 against 47th seeded Burlingame 16-2. However their effort fell short as they lost in 3 games in the end. MB Caroline Diemer reinjured her ankle during game 2, but taped up and prepared to play again by game 3. She went on to play the rest of the tournament. They played one of their best matches against top seeded Canadian 403 team. They served tough with numerous aces and was not intimated by the strong, fast attacks by their opponents. In the end, 403 proved to be too strong and 16 black finished 2nd in pool at 73rd seed. They made it all the way to the semifinal off playoffs where they ran into NC select, where losing game 1 by 25-9. Instead of folding, they came back strong to force game 3. They lost in the end to place 73 overall out of 171 teams.
They also won their area qualifier recently through several tough 3 game matches. We are confident that the team will build upon these experiences and continue to get better.

Eclipse Gold 18-1 – Schedule #34/49 seed (from # 40 start)
Date Pool Opponent seed
2/13/2010 Pool 8 Golden Bear Mizuno 16-1 24 L0:2
2/13/2010 Pool 8 High Impact 18-1 25 L1:2
2/13/2010 Pool 8 mPower David 18-1 41 W2:0
2/14/2010 Pool 1 Crush VC Black 17-1 33 W2:0
2/14/2010 Pool 1 Monterey Bay Green 18-1 42 W2:1
2/14/2010 Pool 1 Cyclone Black 18-2 47 W2:0
2/15/2010 Round 1 Synergy Black 18-1 39 W2:0
2/15/2010 Semi-Final Wcrush 18-1 36 W2:0
2/15/2010 Final Point Break Hanah 18-2 34 L1:2

18 Gold always plays with high energy under coach Ululani’s leadership. They fought hard against a pair of top seeded teams on the first day. They took High Impact to 3 games as they placed 3rd in pool. On day 2, they went on a winning streak to jump up to 33rd seed overall. The team continued that momentum into playoffs and climbed all the way to the finals before losing a heart-breaker to PointBreack 18-2 in 3 games. They finished 34th overall.
In Qualifier, they placed 3rd with their only loss to tourney winner Alcis18-1. We have high hopes for them as they begin league play.

Eclipse Black 18-1 – Schedule #18/49 seed (from #28 start) seed
Date Pool Opponent
2/13/2010 Pool 5 Wcrush 18-1 44 W2:0
2/13/2010 Pool 5 Lady Sharx 18-1 37 W2:0
2/13/2010 Pool 5 GCVC Black 17-2 21 W2:0
2/14/2010 Pool 1 mOcean Kaepa-Summit 18-1 9 L1:2
2/14/2010 Pool 1 TNT Dave 17-1 20 W2:1
2/14/2010 Pool 1 Chowchilla Gold 17-1 32 W2:0
2/15/2010 Round 1 River Cities 18-1 22 W2;0
2/15/2010 Semi-Final Central Cal Silver 17-2 17 W2:1
2/15/2010 Final Delta Valley Blue 16-1 18 L0:2

18 black was also missing several players due to school event, basketball or injuries. They played with 7 or 8 players throughout the tournament. Despite being short handed, coach Dave rallied the team and played with high spirits each match. They won their pool convincingly on day one to jump up to 21st seed. On 1st match of power pool, they lost a heart-breaker to 9th seed mOcean 15-13 in game 3. Although they still could have placed 1st in pool in a possible 3 way tie, point differential did not go their way in the end as they ended up 2nd in pool. They did not let fatigue set it as they stormed all the way to the final during playoffs beating a tough Central Cal team in a close 3 game semifinal. Finally the team ran out of game in the final to a tall and strong Delta Valley team. In coach Dave’s words, “there is no shame in placing 18th”, especially when they started from 28th /49 teams.
18black really demonstrated playing well as a team. They had fun on and off the court in their assigned scavenger hunt arranged by coach Dave.
They took 1st in bracket A of Qualifer and we can’t wait to see them as they gain their full team back for Area league play.

“Ladies, be proud of yourselves and the effort you displayed out there on the court for the past 3 days. Think about all the things we accomplished in the last three days: started at 30 and moved to 18th, Cynthia got in a trashcan, Uluani thought she was a celebrity, and Megan W. got excited to play(nice sweatshirt)! This weekend proved to me that we can compete with great teams and beat them. Our best match of the weekend was vs. TNT. We hung in there tough, addressed the issues at hand, and came back to get a solid victory. As a coach, there is nothing better than watching a team play their hardest and have a great outcome. The theme for our team for the rest of the season is going to be: “don’t worry about the outcome, worry about how you are going to finish.”
~ coach Dave

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