New Rules and How to Scorekeep


Every player needs to rotate to keep score, line judge or even down referee. Please find details at:

new rules changes are posted here:

2009-2011 Volleyball Rules – Indoor (Full Version)

Contact with the net by a player is not a fault, unless it interferes with play. Please check out this YouTube video for more details.
Touching the opponent’s court on the other side of the centerline with any part of the body above the feet is permitted provided that it does not interfere with the opponents’ play.
The floor captain may also request a time-out.
Players may touch the post, ropes, or any other object outside the antennae, including the net itself, provided that it does not interfere with play.
Substitutions are only recognized when the sub enters the zone. There is no longer a request from the coach or captain. (This means if you are a player, pay attention and do not miss your subs!)

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