Regionals 2009 Summary

Hello, Eclipsoids,

Here’s full report from past 2 weekend’s competitions. Please enjoy.

This weekend was our last competition for all teams. After a wonderful and successful season, we hope everyone had fun and made many new friends.

We could honestly say that this was one of our most successful seasons having teams winning the division in all of 12s, 14s and 16s in the same year. We could not have achieved this without all the hard work from parents, players and coaches.

We want to sincerely thank everyone for choosing Eclipse and supporting coaches and the club all season.

We hope to see all of you at our summer camps and fall clinics

Have a great summer!
Go Eclipse!

Season points total:

Regionals 6/6/2009 Pool 1 Saratoga Suns (12-1) W 2-0 25-5, 25-8
N Salinas HS Pool 2 Palo Alto Elite Blue (12-1) W 2-0 25-5, 25-8
Cross Over Saratoga Suns (12-1) W 2-0 25-12, 25-8
6/7/2009 Seed Bracket Semi. Stingray Gray (11-3) W 2-0 25-6, 25-21
Seed Bracket Final Palo Alto (12-1) W 2-0 25-10, 25-4
Top Bracket Semi. Stingray Blue (12-2) W 2-0 25-22, 25-5
Top Bracket Final ELITE (12-1) W 2-0 25-19, 25-23 Won tournament

41-9 record is good for any team. But when you look at it closely, 12s did not lose a single game since President’s day, until Bayview. They only lost one match to Absolute power team in final of Bayview tournament. Such remarkable turn around and sustained success does not come easily at any level. The young 12s team actually has very balanced roster, ranging from hitters near 6 ft tall to setters with 2 years of club playing experience. Every player is able to serve consistently and aggressively.

As expected, the oppositions were very fired up to compete against us and the there was much “hostility” atmosphere at the regionals final, as described by the team parents. But the kids did not retreat under pressure and overcame tough challenges from both Stingray and ELITE clubs to win the regional championship. They ended up sharing the overall area league title with Reno-based Royal Blue / TAVA, a team out of our region.

The Eclipse club staff are extremely proud of the 12s team. We are also very appreciative for the positive attitudes coaches Austin and Brian provided that fostered the growth each individual player. We look forward to monitor their long volleyball careers in the future.

Thanks for the wonderful season!

Coach Austin and Brian:

“The 12s played some of their best volleyball of the year at their regionals tournament. In day 2 bracket play, they navigated the dangerous 4 and 3 seeds. They staged yet another late-game 10 point rally to defeat Stingray 25-22 and advance to the final. The 2 seed, ELITE, put up a great fight in the final, but Eclipse came out on top to win the tournament, 25-19, 25-23. Austin and I, however, are most proud of the fact that everyone on the team contributed, equally sharing the duties in pool play and everyone getting a chance on the court in the championship. We are also proud that the girls maintained a high level of sportsmanship throughout the tournament, relying on their skills and positive attitude. Austin and I will miss this team very much. We want to thank the parents (and siblings!) for the food (endless cupcakes!), driving, support + encouragement, supplemental coaching, etc. We wish our spiking paranoid ducks the very best in their volleyball careers. Go SPD!”

16 black
Regionals 6/6/2009
Pool1 Monsoon Kyle 16-3 W 2-0 25-3; 25-11
Pool2 Santa Cruz Sharks 16-2 W 2-0 25-11;25-4
Playoff1 Cyclone 16-1 W 2-0 25-8; 25-19
Regionals 6/7/2009
Pool1 Diamonds 16-2 W 2-0 25-11; 25-19
Pool2 Pacific Performance 16-1 W 2-0 25-17; 25-13
Playoff1 Santa Cruz 16-2 W 2-0 25-7; 25-5
Playoff2 Diamonds 16-1 W 2-1 25-10; 17-25; 15-8

16 black is another team that has earned the reputation of being the “team to beat”. Having gone through almost the entire area league undefeated, the team prepared hard for the regionals. Suffering from several absences due to SATs on Sat. morning, the team held their ground during pool play and challenge match.

Having the full team for Sunday, the team dominated the play throughout pool and bracket. Coaches Rose and Dave worked hard to balance playing time and ensure the team’s success as they have all year. The team overcame a challenge from Diamonds 16-1 to win the Area Regionals in 3 games.

The entire Eclipse staff would like to congratulate 16s black on a successful season tieing for 1st place in the NCVA region. Great job, ladies!

Total points count.

16 Gold
Regionals 6/6/2009
Pool1 Quake City Aftershcok 16-2 W2:0 25-8; 27-25
Pool2 Pointbreak red 16-4 W2:0 25;14, 25;11
Pool3 SF Juniors 16-3 W2:0 25;10, 26-24
crossover Aurora Impact 16-1 W2:0 25;12, 25;4
Regionals 6/7/2009
Playoff1 Newark Nets 16-2 W2:0 25;22, 27;25
semi Peninsula Jrs 16-3 W2:0 25;17, 26;24
final Endline 15-1 L0:2 19;25, 10;25

Having only 8 players on Sat. pool play, the team managed to stay perfect throughout pool play and crossover. They played through some tough matches against Newark Nets and Peninsula Jrs. to reach the regional final. In another closely contested match, they fell just short to Endline to place 2nd in regional championships.

The team worked hard all season and always played as a team. We appreciate the discipline and energy coach Ululani always brought to practices and competition. We also want to thank coach Jack for helping the team diligently.

The team finished 8/137 teams total in the Northern CA region.

Thanks for a great season, ladies!

Comments form coach ululani:

“I first wanted to thank Amie from 14Black who subbed as our setter for our first two matches on Saturday while our normal setter was taking her SATs. She stepped in and did a great job for us. You couldn’t tell that this was her first time playing with us. She fit right in with us and our way of playing. Thanks Amie.

We finished off our pool play in first. At times, the teams that we played didn’t challenge us, we challenged ourselves. We made mental mistakes more often than we should have against our opponents. But in the end, they did what they were supposed to do and pulled off the win.

On Sunday, it became apparent that our opponents were ready to play against us. After our first match, I knew it was going to be a very challenging day for us mentally. We ended up winning our cross-over pool play, which put us in the Gold bracket for playoffs. The first team we faced in play-offs was PJV White. We saw them at our previous league tournament, so we knew what to expect. I told the girls that they had two options to end our season, first or second. Either way, we were going to be happy with the outcome. So, after beating PJV in the Semi-finals, we were happy to make it once again to the finals. We unfortunately lost to Endline in the finals, but we held our heads up high because we had a great run at Regional’s. Plus, even placing 2nd, the girls are still getting t-shirts, which was totally unexpected.

We had a great overall season and I’m very proud of each of them. It was an honor coaching them. I hope I see some of them again next year. And I wish them all the best in their up-coming high school season.”

Total points count.

14 black
Regionals 5/30/2009 pool1 pointbreak 14-2 W2:0 25;5, 25;13
salinas pool2 eclipse 14 goldd W2:0 25;15,25;14
challenge diamonds 14-2 W2:0 25;5, 25;8
5/31/2009 pool1 diamonds 14-1 W2:0 25;12,25;14
san jose city coll. pool2 stingray 14-2 W2:0 25;13,25;18
pool3 palo alto 13-1 W2:0 25;18,25;11
quarter trinity 14-1 W2:0 25;7,25;9
semi diamonds 14-1 W2:0 25;12, 25;17
final bay club 14-1 W2:0 25;18,25;13

The regionals finals was quite an exciting scene. After going undefeated for entire area league season and all of the regional’s tournament, the stage was set for the championship match against Bay Club 14-1 from Santa Cruz. First game was close all the until the end when the team’s great defense helped to pull away to win 25:18. With all the team parents rooting the team on in the background as well as oppositions rooting against, the team was not affected by the pressure. They took the regionals trophy by winning game 2 25;13. Throughout the touney, every team was pumped up to play against us. The young team took the challenge and acted poised under pressure to end the outstanding area league season with a fantastic finish.
Coach Tian and Peilan was extremely proud with the way the kids performed. Everyone including all the parents contributed to the success. We hope they could continue that momentum and give us all another great performance in the season-ending Great America tournament next week.

Way to go ladies!
14 gold
Salinas Pool1 Point Break White 14-2 W 2:0 25:22, 25:20
Pool2 Eclipse Area Black 14-1 L 0:2 15:25, 14:25
Pool3 City Beach Area 14-4 W 2:1 25:15, 22:25, 15:2
challeng Bay Club Gold 14-1 L 0:2 20:25, 21:25

Pool1 Aurora Chaos 14-1 W 2:0 25:15, 25:14
Pool2 Club Shoreline 14-1 W 2:1 21:25, 25:6, 15:4
Playoff1 Pt Break White 14-2 L 1:2 23:25, 25:20, 12:15
Playoff2 Monterey Bay Green 14-1 W 2:0 25:14, 25:19

14 gold was geared up going into the Regionals. Unfortunately they were placed in same pool as 14 black. Although they had played very well to defeat established clubs pointbreak and citybeach, they did not make the top bracket of 8 teams. They played a close match against Bay club, who ended up 2nd overall in the region, losing only to 14 black.
The team did not let up and rebounded strongly on Sunday winning their pool. After losing a close 3 game match in silver bracket semifinal to point break, they won the consolation final to place 11th place overall. They started as 12th seed.
We know that the girls gave their best and will continue to work hard this weekend in Great America tournament where they’ll see some great exposure to high caliber teams. Best of luck, ladies!

“Emmy and Dionna both led with 3 kills each for the match
Emily W had two kills and Emmy had two blocks for the match
Beverly had 5 aces while Kate had 4 and Camelia had 3
Sarah and Beverly had 3 kills each for the match

For the match, Camelia had 6 aces, Sarah had 3, and Nina had 2. Beverly had 4 kills
Emmy had 4 kills and one block while Emily W had a kill and a block. Special mention: Beverly served 13 straight serves in the third set
Emmy led the match with 9 kills and two blocks. Beverly had 4 kills and Sarah had 3
Camelia had 6 aces and Emily P had an ace and a kill. For the entire tournament, Sofia provided solid backrow passing while Cynthia and Jamie provided versatility by playing in both the setting and DS position”

Saturday – May 30
Pool Play Jumpstart Area 18-1 Won: 25-12; 25-10
Alcis 18-1 Lost: 16-25; 16-25
Cross Over Match Seaside Girls 17-1 Won: 25-17; 25-20
Sunday – May 31
Pool Play Alcis Area 18-1 Lost: 17-25; 11-25
Endline Black 18-1 Lost: 17-25; 14-25
Bracket Play City Beach Area 18-3 Won: 22-25; 25-19; 15-12
Endline Black 18-1 Lost 20-25; 9-25
Diamonds 18-1 Lost: 12-25; 25-15; 13-15
City Beach Area 18-3 Lost: 20-25; 18-25

This was the last tourney for the 18s this season. The team had a good-bye and thank-you party for coach Raudy in their last practice. Raudy regrets to miss the tourney but had to attend a mandatory conference. 16 gold’s coach Ululani kindly agreed to fill in. She adapted to the team quickly with help from captain Allie and the support of the entire team.
As the other teams did, 18s had a long weekend playing 6 matches on Sunday. They went thru some ups and downs playing same teams twice for 3 times. The team finished 6th place.
The young team had overcome many obstacles this season with injuries and school/sport conflicts. They had performed extremely well at times and played through the tougher times. Above all, they stuck together as a close team and having fun all season. We appreciate their commitments and hard work and wish all to have a great summer. We would also like to thank the seniors Allie Coleman, Aditi
Jayaraman and Eunice Leong for choosing Eclipse and providing their leadership. We wish them the best in college and hope they could extend and be successful in their volleyball careers.

Coach Ululani:
“Saturday, we started the day off ranked 7th, but ended in 6th after we beat Seaside in the Cross over match. This allowed us to move up to the Gold division playoffs for Sunday.

We ended the tournament in 6th place, after having to play 6 matches on Sunday. It was a very long day for everyone. We ended up being the very last match to finish on Sunday. The positive is that the girls had a great attitude that entire match. Since we knew going in that we couldn’t get any higher than 5th, I had the girls pick a position they always wanted to play but didn’t. So, Allie became Libero. Malina set. Kayla, Aditi, and Sarah played outside. Julie and Lauren played middle. And the rest played their normal positions. They had a blast. They worked more as a team during that match.

As a team, when they did run their plays, it was great. I did have to remind them to run the plays especially when they finally got a great pass.”

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