AL3 Summary Part II

Hello, Eclipsoids,

Below is summary from this past weekend’s AL3 results.

14 gold AL3 5/3/2009

oakgrove HS

Point Break Red 14-3
W 2:0
?:?, ?:?

Palo Alto Elite White 14-2
W 2:1
?:?, 25:21, 15:13

Palo Alto ELITE 14-1
L 0:2
23:25, 24:26

Palo Alto 13-1
L 0:1

14 gold wanted to build upon their momentum from past several tournaments after a long break from competition, but unfortunately felt short. They played well to win their pool but lost in 2 close games to a tough PA Elite team, which has been given trouble to even 14 black team. After a long break, they again lost by only 2 points in the one-game only consolation match. The team showed that they could compete with anyone at a high level, but still just need to improve at finishing close games. The girls will build upon these experience as they approach end of the season.

From coach Will:

“The team started strong by beating all of their opponents to take first in pool play. In the first round of bracket play, the team played perhaps their best match of the season against the eventual tournament winner, losing both games by 2 points. The game contained many long rallies and numerous attacks and spectacular saves from both sides. After a long delay, the team played a one game match to determine the winner of the consolation bracket. Even though the team had the lead for most of the game, the girls couldn’t quite hold it and lost 23:25. Overall, the team showed they had progressed. The coaches look forward to seeing how the girls perform in AL#4.

Sophia led the match with two service aces, while Emmy led with 8 kills

Cynthia led the match with 3 aces

Dionna led the match with 4 kills

Beverly, Dionna, and Cynthia led the game with 2 aces, and Beverly led with 3 kills”

14 black

mainbeach 13-1
25;12, 25;4

Everett Alvarez HS

citybeach 14-4
25:12, 25:6


Bay Club 14-1
25:19, 25:14

Point Break 14-2
25;19, 25;12

14 black had also been off from competition for several weeks except having a competitive scrimmage against an unfeated Peninsula Jrs team. The team did not show any sign of dustiness and came out strong to win their pool. They then went on to defeat 2 tougher opponents in Bay Club and Pointbreak’s first area teams to keep the area league total points perfect.

We look forward to seeing them continue that trend. Way to go, ladies!



Pool 1
Stingray Gray (11-3)
W 2-0
25-8, 25-17

Everett Alvarez High School

Pool 2
Jumpstart Area (11-1)
W 2-0
25-9, 25-3

Top Bracket Semi.
Palo Alto (12-1)
W 2-0
25-7, 25-8

Top Bracket Final
Stingray Gray (12-2)
W 2-0
26-24, 25-11

Coach Austin and Will,

“The 12s had another great showing on Saturday, winning area league 3 tournament in Salinas. In the semi-final we faced Palo Alto, and the championship match was against our familiar adversaries Stingray 12-2. Stingray’s serving had become much tougher since we last faced them and was a great test for our improved serve receive. The 12s edged them in a very tight first game 26-24, and were able to hold on for a comfortable win in the second game. The girls continue to improve every day, we are so proud of their efforts!”

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