NL6 summary

Hello, Eclipsoids,

Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend. Here’s summary from teams participated in NL6 past weekend.

NL6, 4/11th


Heritage High School

Pool 1
SF Juniors Black (11-1)
W 2-0
25-14, 25-16

Pool 2
Absolute Pink (11-2)
W 2-0
25-6, 25-4

Pool 3
Starlings San Mateo (12-1)
W 2-0
25-8, 25-17

Top Bracket Semi.
Starlings VBC (12-1)
W 2-0
25-22, 25-18

Top Bracket Final
SF Tremors – Cheetahs (12-2)
W 1-0

The 12s team have been steadily improving all season. Coach Austin and Brian have been working hard to be creative with lineup and balance winning and player participation. It is definitely paying off as they demonstrated again this past weekend at the Non-league #6 tourney in Brentwood. They went undefeated for the day against some tough new components from East Bay. Notabablly they defeated first team of Starlings VBC in the semis and SF Tremors – Cheetahs (12-2) in the final after having lost to SF 12-3 team earlier in the season. The entire club staff is very proud of the performance the team has displayed and are confident that the team will continue the momentum to finish the season strong.

Coach Austin and Brian:

“The 12s recorded their third consecutive tournament win this weekend, gaining exposure to several new teams in the East Bay today. With a slow start in the pool play, the team met some challenging teams in the top bracket in the afternoon. The 12s defeated Starlings VBC (ranked 7/76 in AL12) in a tense semifinal match. The Eclipsoids then faced their biggest area league challenge yet, the SF Tremors 12-2 team, who are currently tied for first in points with Eclipse in the AL12 division. The Tremors have been an elusive target for us; their 12-3 team beat us twice early in the season, each in 3 games. With a relentless spate of attacks the 12s were able to take the lead early which they never surrendered, earning a victory in the single-game final. Highlights from today’s matches include vastly improved fundamentals, particularly setting and passing. Our serving continues to grow tougher — even the Tremors were susceptible to short runs of aces. The defense was stellar and, even in broken plays, the girls sent free balls low and deep to keep the pressure on. “

Austin and I continue to be so proud and impressed in the girls’ level of play. Congratulations!

14s Gold

14 Gold
Watsonville HS

City Beach 14-4
L 1:2
25:19, 21:25, 13:15
Emmy and Emily W led the match with 4 and 3 kills, respectively. Nina led the match with two aces

Watsonville Crush White 14-1
W 2:0
25:22, 25:18
Camelia led the match with three aces. Emmy had 5 kills while Beverly had 3. Emmy and Emily Pedersen both had two blocks

Watsonville Crush Grey 14-2
W 2:0
24:14, 25:13
Nina led with 4 aces and Camelia and Beverly both had two kills in the match

City Beach 14-5
L 1:2
25:16, 24:26, 13:15
Camelia led with four aces while Emmy had 5 kills and two blocks. Beverly had three kills and Emily P had two blocks

Coach Will and Shauna as well as all the 14 gold players have been working hard to win their first tournament this season. They have been steadily improving all season and have always placed in the top echelon of league plays. In NL6, again they played through some tough close matches to reach the top bracket by winning a 3 way tie in the pool. They defeated Watsonville in the semis to reach final, where they eventually lost a heart-breaker to Citybeach by only 2 points in each of game 2 and 3. We are confident that the team will only grow stronger with these experiences as they improve at finishing the close games. We look forward to seeing their next performance in league play.

Good job, ladies!

Coach will:

“Overall, the girls played well despite the fact that they were down to nine players. They played as a team, making smart and aggressive plays while minimizing errors in serving and serve receiving that had cost them matches in prior tournaments. Although the girls were disappointed that they did not meet their goal of taking first, they left the tournament knowing that they have the potential to play up to that level. The coaches are also confident that with the right focus in the upcoming practices, the team will be prepared to compete all the way up to the finals in future tournaments. It should be noted that the team has placed higher in with each successive tournament beginning with qualifiers.”

Deer Valley HS

tandem 16-2
25;8, 25;21

Monterey 16-1

citybeach 15-4

starling 16-1

Diablo 16-6

Needless to say, 14s black has made many achievements already this season in both league and out of league competitions. Yet they outdone themselves again this past weekend by winning the 16s level NL6 tourney. They went into this with expectation to meet better competition. But they surprised themselves on how well they matched up against the more experienced level even though they did not have a full team present. They went thru the day undefeated and took the tournament championship by beating Diablo 16s. Overall, it was a good experience for them see some different teams from different level and regions. Way to go, ladies

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