AL2 Part III

AL2 Part II
14 gold
Pool1 City Beach 14-4 L 1:2 25:27, 25:20, 12:15
Pool2 Palo Alto 13-1 W 2:0 25:22, 25:17
Playoff1 Palo Alto Elite 14-1 L 0:2 16:25, 9:25
Playoff2 Stingray 14-2 W 2:0 25:14, 25:17

Coach Will:
“The girls started off slow, putting themselves behind by losing the first set. Although they fought hard to win the second, they couldn’t keep it going and lost the third set. We hope to see this team again as we are certain we could beat them.

The team rebounded well to beat a team coached by volunteer Eclipse coach Kevin Coleman. The girls reduced their serving error and played up to their potential

The team ran into a good Elite team and played tough against them for most of the first game. Unfortunately, the girls couldn’t quite overcome Elite’s big front row and lost in two sets

Having lost to the same Stingray team twice this season, the team was ready to show that they were the better team. Employing a double block defense that had been introduced recently in practice, the team gelled and played their positions flawlessly and dug up many balls to save points. Well done, ladies!”

14 black
cabrillo college
Pool1 citybeach 14-3 W2:0 25;10, 25;7
Pool2 point break 14-2 W2:0 25;11, 25;16
Playoff1 stingray 14-2 W2:0 25;10, 25;13
Playoff2 Palo Alto Elite 14-1 W2:0 25;10, 25;13

14 black continues to dominate the area league play. Coach tian and peilan are keeping the team focused and motivated while maintaining a balanced rotation. They went undefeated throughout AL3 to go on to win their 3rd league tournament in a row. They did play a tougher Palo Alto Elite 14-1 in the final which they have not played in the past, but team stepped up and handled them easily.

Way to go, girls!

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