Spring Classic 16s

Spring Classic part II
start 36/80
finish 12/80

Pool1 Watsonville Starling 16-1 W2:0 Won: 25-8; 25-6
Pool1 Club Solano Fierce 16-3 W2:0 Won: 25-9; 25-10
Pool1 Empire Gold 16-3 W2:0 Won: 25-21; 30-28
pool2 River Cities 16-2 W2:1 Won: 25-14; 23-25; 15-12
pool2 Valli Girls Black 16-1 W2:0 Won: 25-22; 25-14
Playoff2 YTown L1:2 Lost: 25-10; 25-13

Coach Ululani:

“Day 1:
The girls played really well against the two power teams that were in our pool. When we found out that we could go home early if they stayed 2nd in the pool or actually won the pool, they had a goal to stay focused on. They came out and played like a team against Club Solano. After a long break, we had to face the 5th seeded team, Empire Gold 16-3. They were definitely a much stronger team than the other two we faced. We won the first game, but the second one turned out to be the challenge. During one portion of the game, they gave up a 8 point run to Empire before they had a missed serve. Empire turned around and score an additional 3 points. So, now we were behind 8-14. The girls finally found the missing link and started to work as a team. We ended up catching up to Empire 15-15. From then on, neither team gave up a run of more than 2 points. It definitely was a nail bitter. Since we beat Empire, we ended up taking their seed of 5th.
Day 2:
The girls knew going in that in pool play, we could lose our 5th seed and drop down to either 28 or 37. After starting the day against yet another power team, the girls played well for their first match of the day. We had some issues in the 2nd game, but they turned it around in the 3rd to win. When we played Valli Girls, the girls worked together as a team again to win in 2 straight games. Because our pool was the last to finish, we were rushed over to the next court to start our first round of bracket play against the 12th ranked YTown team. We ended up losing to them in 2, but I think if the girls would have had time to regroup, we would have done much better. So, starting the tournament at 36 and finishing 12 is very good. It’s definitely a great finish for us.”
start 30/80
finish 6/80
Pool1 Salinas Valley VBC W 2-0 25-19; 25-10
Pool2 Valli Girls Crimson W 2-0 25-10; 25-11
Pool3 Core Navy 16-1 W 2-1 25-14; 24-26; 15-8

Pool1 City Beach 15-3 W 2-0 25-6; 25-1
Pool2 Santa Cruz VBC 16-1 W 2-0 25-17; 25-19
Playoff1 Tandem Blue 16-1 W 2-0 25-10;25;?
Playoff2 Endline 16-1 L 0-2

16 black put on another impressive showing this past weekend. Starting out in 30th seed, they went on to defeat several power teams to win their pool, including a close 3 game match to a tough 11th seeded Core Navy 16-1 team.
On Sunday, team again won their pool to enter playoffs maintaining 11th seed. They defeated another power team Tandem blue before running into Endline 16-1 team. After the loss in 2nd round of playoffs, the team finished an impressive 6th place from 30th starting spot out of 80 teams.
Overall, it was a great experience for the team to play at such high level of competition and push themselves to their limits. Great job, ladies!

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