AL2 Summary Part II

Pool 1 Palo Alto Elite 12-1 W 3-0 25-5, 25-8, 25-20
Pool 2 City Beach Area 12-3 W 3-0 25-11, 25-15, 25-11
Top Bracket Semi Palo Alto 12-1 W 1-0 25-15
Top Bracket Final Stingray Blue 12-2 W 2-0 25-15, 25-18 Won tournament

Coach Austin and Brian gave detailed descriptions of the team’s performance below. We would like to just emphasize that the team has definitely improved significantly since start of the season. It shows as they defeated teams they have lost to earlier in the season. They two tournament wins in a row is indeed impressive. Coach Austin and Brian have put in much effort to balance playing time and finding the optimal rotations for the team’s success. We wish to see their momentum continuing throughout league play.
Coach Brian and Austin:
“The 12s powered toward their second tournament win, never dropping a
game on Saturday. The team continued to improve under our new system
with positions, producing quantifiable improvement over City Beach
Area 12-3 and Stingray Blue 12-2, whom they faced 2 weeks ago. The
middles grew more comfortable at the net, producing a few key solo
blocks and hits, visibly stunning the opposing team at times. The
emphasis on passing and hitting in the last two weeks’ practice shone
in improved basic skills. Our serving also continues to improve,
dazzling the opposing teams by the occasional floater knuckling past
them. The 12s also had the opportunity to play against both Palo Alto
teams, easily dispatching Palo Alto Elite in pool play and beating
Palo Alto in a one-game semifinal (due to time constraints). We are
extremely proud of our girls, who let very few balls hit the floor and
attacked the ball consistently and well. “

pool Endline 18-2 W2:0 25;18, 25;7
pool Newark Nets 18-1 W2:0 25;17, 25;12
semi Endline 16-1 L1:2 21;25, 25;19, 10;15
conso. final Monsoon 18-1 W1:0 25;18 3rd palce

Since a strong start at beginning of the season, 18s team have been battling injuries and absences due to other sports. However, they have been able to maintain a high level of performance, winning their pool play consistently and stay competitive in playoffs. AL2 was no different. They defeated Endline 18s and Newark nets to win their pool. They ran into a tough Endline 16s-1 team coached by former Eclipse coaches. After losing game one, they came to force game three. After leading early, they fell short finally to lose semifinal. The team regrouped and bounced back to defeat Monsoon 18s to take 3rd place for AL2.
Volunteer coach Kevin Coleman helped out with part of the tournament as coach Raudy had to leave due to travel. Club head coach Tian also was present to support the team.
We look forward to seeing the team later in the season as they become healthy and trains more regularly as a full team. Go Eclipse!

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