AL2 and Spring Classics summary Part I

AL2 summary Part I
Pool1 citybeach 15-4 W2:0 25;17,25;6
Pool2 Pointbreak 16-3 w2:1 22:25, 25:10, 15:11

Playoff1 Endline 15-1 W2:0 25;21, 25;21
Playoff2 Eclipse 16 Black L1:2 23;25,25;19,9;15

16Gold is coming off their AL1 tournament win. They showed mental toughness by coming back to win 2nd match after dropping game one against pointbreak. They then went go to defeat a good Endline team in semifinal before running into fellow Eclipse 16 black team. It was an exciting closely contested 3-game match. Eclipse ended up taking the top 2 spots :D .
From coach Ululani,
“In pool play, we had to play the same exact teams as our previous league tournament. The first match the girls were just warming up. Then we had to ref. Because we were in pool B, we had to wait until all of the matches for pool A were completed before we could play our last match. So, by the time we actually played Point Break, it was like having to start all over again. The girls had a rough first match against Point Break, but then they turned it around to win the next two games.

For seeing Eclipse for the first officially time during the Championship round, the Gold team played very well. They were very competitive during the entire match. It was a great ending to the tournament to have both Eclipse teams in the top 2 positions. Hopefully, if we ended up seeing them again, we’ll end up on top.”

AL2 3/15/2009
. SCHS Pool1 Point Break 16-4 W 2-0 25-6; 25-11
. Pool2 Aurora W 2-0 25-3; 25-15
. Playoff1 Synergy W 2-0 25-8; 25-21
. Playoff2 Eclipse 16 Gold W 2-1 25-23; 21-25; 15-12

16 black continues to improve as they welcome back Middle Blocker Heather Sangster from injury. They cruised through pool play and was not seriously challenged until the final where they reached fellow Eclipse 16 Gold team. It was a great experience to face another team in a official championship match. The match was closely contested and 16 Black ended up winning the 3-game match claim the 2nd league tournament in a row. Well done, ladies. The team will gear up for the mid-season Spring Classic tournament where they’ll face tougher power teams. We wish them good luck.
Spring Classic 3/14/2009 pool touch 14-1 W2:0 25:10, 25:15
. Oakland CC pool mPower 14-1 W2:0 25:15, 25:2
. pool Rose Volley 14-1 W2:0 25:21, 25:8
. challenge Empire 13 power W2:0 25:3, 25:16
. 3/15/2009
. pool2 River city W2:0 25:6, 25;9
. start 7/33 pool2 Quake City 14-1 W2:0 25;7, 25:3
. finish 1/33 quarterfinal Sequoia 14-1 W2:0 25:15, 25:23
. semifinal Salinas power W2:0 25:9, 25:15
. final Diablo 14-1 power W2:0 25;13, 25:14 Tournament champion!!!

14 black had a truly wonderful weekend competing in Spring Classics at Oakland Conv. Center. They played a series of out of area power teams in the 2 day tournament. The team worked hard together to go undefeated through both pool plays. In playoffs, they defeated 3 power teams in a row to win the tournament. They started from 7th seed out of 33 teams to take the championship.
The team played unselfishly and supported each other through ups and downs and various rotations. Coach tian and peilan were very pleased with the performance. The team earned praises even from referees and other teams. We look forward to seeing their continued success in upcoming competitions.

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