AL1 Summary Part II

AL1 3/7/09

12s N. Salinas HS
Pool 1 City Beach Area 12-3 W 2-0 25-18, 25-18
Pool 2 Santa Cruz Bay Club Spikers – 12-2 W 2-0 25-6, 25-7

Top Bracket Semi Monsoon Kara 12-1 W 2-0 25-15, 25-12
Top Bracket Final Stingray Blue 12-2 W 2-1 25-?, ?-25, 15-11

The young 12s team are getting better every day under coach Austin and Brian’s guidance. The coaches have explored with several rotations and the team is starting to gel and play well together at the right time. Their first area league was proof indeed. The team went undefeated in pool play and showed that they can play consistently in the close games as they beat a tough Stingray team in 3 games to win their first tournament of the season. Way to go, girls!
“The 12s team logged their first tournament victory on Saturday with a great all-around team effort. It was the girl’s first tournament as position players, and they quickly mastered their new rotations and positioning in the morning pool play. Excellent serving and tough defense lead the team to two pool play victories over City Beach and Bay Club Spikers. After a long lunch break the team had a slow start again Monsoon in the semi-finals, but quickly came back to win the match 2-0. In the final match against a tough Stingray Blue team, the girls executed all of their skills extremely well and showed composure under pressure, coming out victorious in an exciting three game match. Each player on the team contributed and the team showed tough serving, great defense both by the middles at the net and in the backcourt, and awesome ball control, continually attacking the ball at the Stingray squad. The team dominated net play throughout the day, recording an unprecedented 3 solo blocks, and several long serving runs including a record 16-point serving streak. Go SPD!”

14black Everett HS, Salinas
Pool1 jumpstart 14-2 W 2:0 25:12, 25:12
Pool2 pointbreak 14-3 W2:0 25:8, 25:12
Playoff1 Eclipse 14 Gold W2:0 25:12, 25:21
Playoff2 Bay Club Gold 14-1 W2:0 25:22, 25:?

14 black continue to set a high standard of performance in AL1. They were challenged at times by Eclipse’ own 14 gold and runners-up Bay Club 14-1 in the final. In the end, they kept their level of playing up to coaches’ expectation and won their first league tournament to collect full 100 points. Tian and Peilan are happy with their performance. Keep it up, ladies!

14 gold, Everett HS, Salinas
Pool1 IMUA Wahines 14-1 W 2:0 26:24, 25:17
Pool2 Monsoon 14-2 W 2:0 25:18, 25:21
Pool3 None
Playoff1 Eclipse 14-1 L 0:2 12:25, 22:25
Playoff2 Diamonds 14-1 L 0:2 22:25, 17:25

14 gold played through adversity in some close games to win the pool Sat. It is unfortunate that they ran into 14 black team in the semifinal. However, they showed that they definitely belong in the final as they kept it close and had led the match numerous times. We are certain that outcome would be different had they played any other team. Nonetheless, it was great challenge for the team as they continue to improve.
“The day started off slow as the girls gave up an early lead in the first set but exhibited composure while clawing their way back to win. The second game proved to be easier as the girls began to warm up and played the way they were capable of playing. Special mention to Dionna for making 5 consecutive serves to win the first game while the opponent was at game point. She also had 4 kills to lead the match.
The girls continued their winning ways by beating this team in two straight. Nina led the match with 5 kills, while Sarah and Kate had 3 each.

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