2009 Area League #1 Pt. 1

16 Black Salinas High School
AL1 3/1/2009
Pool1 Diamonds 15-1 W 2-1 19-25; 25-15; 15-7
. Pool2 Watsonville Crush W 2-0 15-18; 25-16
. Playoff1 Shoreline 16-1 W 2-0 25-21; 25-15
. Playoff2 Diamonds 16-2 W 2-0 25-22; 25-5

It was a good day for 16 black in AL1. They accumulated the full 100 points from winning first area league tournament. They accomplished this even with 2 missing players due to injuries. The team managed to pull together to stay undefeated throughout the tournament. After a relatively slow start beating Diamonds 15-1 2:1, the team cruised rest of the way without dropping a game, including defeating area league strong contender Shoreline in straight sets. Way to go, ladies!
16 gold Pajaro Valley High School‎

AL1 3/1/2009
Pool1 Point Break White 16-3 W2:0 25-11; 25-15
. Pajaro Valley High School‎ Pool2 City Beach Area 15-4 W2:0 25-17; 25-12
. Pool3
. Playoff1 Watsonville Starlings 16-1 W2:0 25-14; 25-19
. Playoff2 Synergy Teal 16-2 W2:1 25-17; 22-25; 15-6

16 gold put together an impressive performance in AL1 to claim first area league tournament.

From coaching Ululani:
Overall, the girls continue to grow as a team. The real competition for the girls didn’t come until the last match of the day against Synergy. We knew going in they were going to be better than the other teams we faced that day. When we lost the 2nd game, I was curious how they would pull together as a team to switch the momentum to our side. We started out a little slow, but when the score was 5-6, the girls decided to turn it on. Adrienne went back to serve and never left that position. We scored the next 10 points to win 15-6. This showed that they can mentally get themselves out of trouble as long as they worked as a team.

18s San Jose City College

  • pool team1 W
    . pool team2 W
    . pool team3 W
    . semi Point Break Green 18 L1:2 13:15 3rd game
    . Consol. final Peninsula Juniors Blue 16-2 W2:0
  • 18s team also performed well despite injuries and absence from several key players. They ended up with only 8 players during playoffs. Nonetheless, they won their pool to reach the semifinal, where they ran into Point break green 18s. In a closely contested match, they had an early lead in 3rd game and came up just short by 2 points. They bounced back strongly to defeat Penninsula Jrs. easily to claim 3rd place. We know that the team belongs in the final and look forward to seeing them in the next tournament with their full roster.

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