Eclipse Volleyball Club

Club Mission

  • To provide all players with quality coaching and the opportunity to improve their fundamental, offense and defense skills. 
  • To provide exposure to different levels of competition and college recruiters.
  • To provide all players with the chance to have fun, make friends, and gain experience both on and off the court. 
  • To teach values such as dedication, team work, patience and the importance of having a positive attitude.
  • To offer all of this at an affordable price and without excessive demands on time.

We strive to provide the best volleyball program in the South Bay.  We play in Area League tournaments, minimizing traveling and demands on time.  Our rates are much lower compared with most power teams.  We are proud of our dedicated and enthusiastic coaching staff which consists of experienced players and coaches. 

Even though we are an Area League club, we offer a competitive and challenging environment that rivals Power League clubs.  We are consistent top finishers in the Area League across all age groups.  Our teams have more practice time than the average area or developmental team.  We also compete in tournaments mixed with Power League teams such as the NCVA Non-League, President’s Day, Great America, and BayView Tournaments.  However unlike the philosophy of many Power League teams, winning is not everything to Eclipse VBC.  We try our best to achieve a balance between winning and maximizing the opportunity for each player to practice and compete. We also incorporate fitness conditioning programs to help players become better overall athletes. We are partnering with local professional fitness centers to provide the world class facilities for training.

Eclipse VBC brings together the best elements of an Area League experience and a Power League experience while emphasizing having fun and making friends.  This is why our players consistently have a high return rate.  After 10 successful seasons, we hope to continue in our mission to provide the best volleyball experience for junior girls in the Bay Area. 

Eclipse pioneered the concept of a "Hybrid Area League Program”. We provide players the opportunity to experience Power League play in an Area League team. This less stressful and more flexible environment allows us to maximize participation by all team members. Many of our players are multi-sport athletes or are involved in numerous other extracurricular activities such as music, theatre and community volunteering. We pride ourselves on the quality of coaching and the competitiveness we offer along with the mentioned flexibility. Other clubs have mimicked our model, but our balance of practice and competition has maximized player participation and performance. The answer to which volleyball club to choose is simple.


Recent highlights

Area League - Regionals
  • 16G, Start 19th, finish 13th
  • 16B, Start 1st, finish 2nd. District Champion!
  • 17, Start 9th, finish 3rd.
  • 18, Start 3rd, Regional champion.
  • 13s, Bronze Division Champion!
  • 14G, start 35th, finish 21st seed
  • 14B, Gold Division Regional Champion!







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