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Eclipse is proud to celebrate its 10th successful season as the premier hybrid area league club in the Bay Area.  The club was founded by head coaches Tian and Peilan while coaching the Varsity and JV teams at Castilleja School.  During a long road trip to the Fresno Power Tournament with a CityBeach volleyball team, they suddenly realized the potential in creating a new volleyball club that would belong to the Area League but participate in local Power League tournaments.  Eclipse VBC started out with only 2 Area League teams based in Castilleja.  It then grew to host up to 10 teams from schools around the South Bay.  Ten successful years later, Eclipse is the premier Hybrid Area League clubs in the Greater Bay Area.

Eclipse ( 日食排球俱乐部 of Bay Area) pioneered the concept of a "Hybrid Area League Program”.  We provide players the opportunity to experience Power League play in an Area League team.  This less stressful and more flexible environment allows us to maximize participation by all team members. Many of our players are multi-sport athletes or are involved in numerous other extracuriccular activities such as music, theatre and community volunteering. We pride ourselves on the quality of coaching and the competitiveness we offer along with the mentioned flexibility.

Hall Of Fame:

Longest tenures (these Eclipsoids seniors went the distance and stayed with the club):

  • Regina Buckley (7 seasons, 2007-2013)
  • Lisa Yan (6 seasons, 2008-2013)
  • Jaime Yang (6 seasons, 2008-2013)
  • Laura Chow (6 seasons, 2007-2012)
  • Heather Sangster (5 sesaons, 2007-2010, 2012)
  • Tia Junge (4 seasons, 2010-2013)
  • Sam White-Hauser (4 seasons, 2009-2012)
  • Meghan Cyron (4 seasons, 2008-2012)
  • Syndey Howard (4 seasons, 2012-2016)

Many of our Alums have gone on to compete at the collegiate level.  To name a few (chronologically):

  • Caroline Dimer (Notre Dame San Jose, 2015, Wellesly Varsity team)
  • Ashley Helfinstein (Homestead HS 2016, McAlisster College, Minnisota)
  • Mia Hogan (2016, Wellesly)
  • Jennifer Wang (Gunn High School, Eclipse 2004, Swarthmore College class of 2008)
  • Ella Lajos (Eclipse 2007-2009). Washington State Univ Varsity, class of 2017.
  • Heather Sangster (Eclipse 2006-2010, 2012, Los Altos HS, now Univ. of Puget Sound Varsity, class of 2016)
  • Allie Coleman (Eclipse 2008, 2009, Palo Alo HS, Swarthmore College of PA, class of 2013)
  • Nicole Radish (Eclipse 2002-2009, Foothill College)
  • Melissa Cheng (Eclipse 2005, SF Academy of Art class of 2013)
  • Tiffany Stone (Eclipse 2003-04, Gunn HS, UC San Diego Club Volleyball class of 2012)
  • Asia Casino (Eclipse 2004, UC Davis class of 2012)
  • Katherine Douglas (Eclipse 12s, 2003, Woodside HS, Participated in Junior national team 2005-2007 and competed internationally), Santa Clara Univ. class of 2013
  • Ariel Baxterbeck (Castilleja School, Eclipse 2003, starter at Northwestern class of 2011, Participated in Junior national team program 2005-2006)
  • Chelsea Ono (Castilleja School, Eclipse 2003, Harvard Univ. class of 2011)
  • Becky Chan (Castilleja School, Eclipse 2003, Div. III college class of 2009)
  • Elizabeth Wright (Castilleja School, Eclipse 2001, played volleyball in Div. III Occidential College and graduated class of 2006)

Many players improved greatly after Eclipse seasons to go on to make their school JV or Varsity teams.  Many more have been accepted into top universities having varsity volleyball team experience on their resume.  We continue to strive to teach young kids lessons of life about dedication, team work, patience and positive attitude.

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Recent Highlights:

NCVA Area League              Area League website for results, locations

NCVA Non League               Non League website for results, locations

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NCVA listings here.

  • 14 black - Regionals Gold champion
  • 16-black - District Gold champion, Regionals runners-up
  • 18s - Regionals Gold champion


  • 12s - 2012 3rd in Regionals, tied 3rd in NCVA Area League total points standing.

    14 Gold - 2012 3rd in Regionals- points standing.

    14 Black - 2012 2nd in Regionals - points standing.

    16s - 2012 2nd in Regionals, tied 5th in NCVA Area League total points standing.

    18s - 2012 1st in Regionals, 1st in NCVA Area League total points standing! Congrats!

  • 16s black 2009 NCVA Area League Champion and Regionals Champion
  • 14s and under 2007, 2008, 2009 NCVA Area League Champion and Regionals Champion
  • 12s and under 2007, 2009 NCVA Area League and Regionals Champion
  • 12s and under 2007 NCVA President’s Day tournament 6th place
  • 12s and under 2008 NCVA Area League 2nd place
  • 18s and under 2008 NCVA Area League 2nd place and Regionals Champion
  • 14s and under 2007 NCVA Area League Champion
  • 12s and under 2007 President's Day 3rd place
  • 16s & under 2007 Regionals 2nd place
  • 16s & under 2006 NCVA Area League Champion
  • 12s & under 2005 NCVA Area League Champion


Recent highlights

Area League - Regionals
  • 16G, Start 19th, finish 13th
  • 16B, Start 1st, finish 2nd. District Champion!
  • 17, Start 9th, finish 3rd.
  • 18, Start 3rd, Regional champion.
  • 13s, Bronze Division Champion!
  • 14G, start 35th, finish 21st seed
  • 14B, Gold Division Regional Champion!







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